1 Hour Dark Synthwave, Techno, Industrial, Cyberpunk, EDM Dance Gaming Mix “A DARK NIGHT”

1 Hour Dark Synthwave, Techno, Industrial, Cyberpunk, EDM Dance Gaming Mix

This mix, titled “A Dark Night”, is a dance mix I curated while remembering what Rave culture used to be like. When any night could turn in to an perilous adventure for the mind or an other worldly experience for the body. Where nothing is at it seems and everyone you meet is neither friend no foe, just a partner for the experience. Will this be an existential experience, or just another Dark Night? I put a dark vibe to the video and tracks since Halloween is coming up and hopefully we will be able to celebrate it this year. Enjoy and free your mind!!

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Start Our Psych – Purge

02:42 F.O.O.L. – Revenger

06:32 Neofresco – Net Neutrality

09:52 Devil Disco – High Society

14:48 Lichwood – Club Devil

18:08 Revizia – Assault

22:22 Matteo Tura – Fall

26:18 Lyde – Augmentation

29:48 Triptidon – Judged by Fire

35:00 Chaos Vector – Psyborg

40:22 Assalm – Chimeraa

43:42 Quinze – Le Glas

47:24 No Strings w/ Auxthentic – Focused

50:28 Mascarpone – Heads or Tails

54:00 Killer Instinct – Club Murder

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