2 Hours Back to the 80s Synthwave, Chillwave and Retro Driving Music Vol 1 – RetroSynth / Synthwave

RetroSynth is proud to present, Back to the Retro, a 2 hour mix of 80’s Synthwave, Chillwave and Outrun music, featuring some of the top names in the genre.

2 Hours Back to the 80’s Synthwave, Chillwave and Retro Driving Music Vol 1 – RetroSynth / Synthwave

Track List
[00:00:00] Occams Laser – Temperance
[00:03:40] Konrad Celiński – Neon Odyssey
[00:12:35] Syntax – Lilium (f. Droid Bishop)
[00:17:07] MasterShip Beats – K-2000
[00:21:11] Konrad Celiński – Arkade Life
[00:25:07] Occams Laser – Warriors of the Faith
[00:30:03] BELARIDE – Palm City
[00:34:21] Konrad Celiński – Coast
[00:37:53] MODERNS – Jarre
[00:41:31] Retouch – Hazard Rider
[00:45:34] Syntax – Vermillion
[00:49:04] AEON – Carnival
[00:54:40] MichaMech – Crushed Can
[00:58:18] swkz – Waves
[01:02:01] Fixions – We are Ghouls
[01:05:21] cruzbeatz – Push It
[01:07:53] Isidor – Solaris Rising
[01:11:18] Powder Slut – Dirty Lips
[01:15:07] Retouch – Razorblade
[01:19:11] SNTHWVRS – Melodic Journey
[01:28:12] TrialCore – Systematic Nation
[01:31:16] Teet Simson – Sweet Spot
[01:35:30] SNTHWVRS – Wasteland
[01:38:50] Basphlem – Electronin’
[01:42:07] Turbo Knight – Call of the wild
[01:47:42] Alexi Iglesias – Infinite Ways
[01:50:26] Turbo Knight – Dawn
[01:56:13] Zane Alexander – Overdrive
[01:58:48] Efence – Spaceflight

RetroSynth is proud to support not only support our own artists but others in the synth community such as: 3FORCE, 80s Stallone, Absolute Valentine, Ace Buchannon, Ace Marino, Acryl Madness, ALEX & Tokyo Rose, Alpha Chrome Yayo, Anoraak, Arcade High, AWITW, Barretso, Benny Smiles, Betamaxx, BETTOGH, Cannons, Carbon Killer, Carpenter Brut, Caspro, Code Elektro, Com Truise, CONFRONTATIONAL, Crockett, CYBERTHING!, D-Noise, d-notive, D/A/D, Dallas Campbell, Dan Terminus, Dana Jean Phoenix, Dance With the Dead, Daniel Deluxe, Dav Dralleon, Dead Astronauts, DEADLIFE, Destryur, Dimi Kaye, Donbor, DreamReaper, Droid Bishop, Dynatron, El Tigr3, Electric Dragon, Electric Youth, Essenger, Extra Terra, Fixions, FM Attack, FM-84, Forhill, Futurecop!, GosT, Grum, Gryff, GUNSHIP, Hante, HOME, iamMANOLIS, Icarus, Inexedra, Irving Force, Isidor, JEREMIAH KANE, Jordan F, Kalax, Kavinsky, KEYGEN CHURCH, L’Avenue, Lazerhawk, Le Matos, LeBrock, Let Em Riot, Lifelike, LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER, Lucy In Disguise, Lueur Verte, LukHash, M.A.D.E.S, M.O.O.N, Magic Sword, Makeup and Vanity Set, MASTER BOOT RECORD, McRocklin & Hutch, Mecha Maiko, Mega Drive, Megahit, Metalyst, Meteor, Miami Nights 1984, Michael Oakley, Minuit Machine, Misanthropix, Mitch Murder, MoTER, Mulperi, N I M B V S, Neon Nox, Night Rider 87, Nightcrawler, Northern Lights, OGRE, Ollie Wride, OSC, Oscillian, Parallels, PERTURBATOR, Pilotpriest, Power Glove, POWERCYAN, Powernerd, Primo, PYLOT, Quixotic, Robert Parker, Scandroid, Sferro, Shikimo, Shirobon, Signal Void, Starcadian, Stilz, Straplocked, Street Cleaner, Swimware, The Midnight, Timecop1983, Tonebox, Trevor Something, Turbo Knight, Ultraboss, Vector Seven, VHS Glitch, Victor Love, Volkor X, Von Kaiser, Vosto, W O L F C L U B, Watch Out For Snakes, Waveshaper, We Are Magonia, Wice, Wolf and Raven, Wraithwalker, Yoru, ZITH and many more!

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