Advection Stride – Dangerous Drift

RetroSynth presents Advection Stride – Dangerous Drift

Style: #Spacewave #Synthwave #Dreamwave


Artwork – Vadim Sadovski

Advection Stride were the first artists on RetroSynth Records and helped jump-start the label in January 2017. Their incredible animations have fueled the RetroSynth YouTube channel since Summer of 2016 when the channel first started. Their artworks have helped push RetroSynth for promotional purposes, and for compilations as well.

The latest album from Advection Stride “Guardian” is a 2 part monster featuring their darkest and most accessible works yet, covering the entire Synthwave spectrum of darksynth, spacewave, dreamwave, outrun, and shredwave. “Guardian” is one of the most anticipated new albums on RetroSynth Records. Do not miss it!

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