The music of Beckett is inspired by the movie soundtracks and lifestyles of the 1980s. It’s a clear love for the electronic palette of synthesizers, drum machines and studio electric guitars infused with Miami sunsets, L.A Neon and the glamour of 80s fashion. Synthwave & Talkbox with a backdrop of 80s beats.

Many “Synthwave’ or “Retrowave” artists present their work as the “sound” of the 80s, the right textures, the wonderful recreation of a timbre. My approach is to try and recreate the “feel” of the 80s, a nostalgic point of view that will hopefully help people of the time remember a moment, or people outside of the time, capture a glimpse of how melody and production used to be more important than what perfume a singer has labeled after them. Precision and clarity of production entangled with definition and purpose in composition are key elements I strive to achieve in all my synthwave works.

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