From a tempestuous past, rising like a neon phoenix from the ashes of a dystopian wasteland. Searching for significance in a crumbling society. Once driven by fear now driven by faith. This is MAX OVERDRIVE 1986! Central Florida-based electronic producer, Max Overdrive 1986 brings you a combination influence of electronic dance music, synthwave, outrun and mid-tempo/cyberpunk to your ears. Synthwave, Retrowave, Electronic music for the soul.


Max Overdrive 1986 – Berlin Romance (Music Video) / RetroSynth (Synthwave / Outrun) Atomic Blonde

RetroSynth Lazersteel Records Proudly Presents: Max Overdrive 1986 – Berlin Romance #synthwave #outrun #retrowave Get the single here! Video Edit – Scott Forte Movie footage: Atomic Blonde (2017) Support RetroSynth: Your Source for Synthwave, RetroSynth, NewRetroWave, Cyberpunk, Dreamwave, Spacewave and SynthPop Follow Us:

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Max Overdrive 1986

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