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RetroSynth Records presents – Astral Tales – Cryostasis (Full Album)
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We are what dreams are made of…

“Feeling tired? Stressed out? Looking for a decent, truly peaceful bit of rest? Introducing ‘Cryostasis’, modern science’s answer to a world that simply won’t leave you alone.

Engineered by Astral Tales, Cryostasis™ offers a unique experience beyond time, beyond the confines of our limited lifespan in a world of endless possibilities. Our cryochambers offer the highest level of comfort modern cryonics has to offer, guaranteeing the blissful rest of a lifetime.

Our oneiric support staff is on standby 24/7 in case of subconscious turbulences in order to make sure your deep dive into the dream world remains as relaxing and pleasant as possible.

Get ready to float through immaculate landscapes of pure light, into the astral spheres, witness the heavenly interstellar lullabies, waltz around the effervescent rays of Polaris and meet your soul’s ultimate fulfilment at Horizon’s End.

Take a step back, step out, and let Astral Tales show you what life beyond life has to offer.

Sweet dreams and enjoy the journey, whatever your destination is.” Text by Robin Ono for


Featuring Volkor X on Awakening
Cover Art – Magdalena Radziej
Voiceover Artist – Natasha Arancini
3D Artists – Sina Pahlevani and Starfall
SFXs – Standingwave



0:00 The Pod
1:24 Suspended Animation
2:42 Polaris
6:40 Interstellar Lullabies
13:15 Globular Cluster
20:55 Oneiric Station
27:35 Behind the Sunken Sun
33:14 The Pillars of Creation
37:44 Torpor
39:00 Horizons End
45:24 Awakening (feat. Volkor X)

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