AUW – Twilight Drives – Live Performance

RetroSynth Records is very proud to present, Twilight Drives, a live DAWless performance from none other than Synthetix artist A.U.W.

AUW – Twilight Drives

Dom from AUW gives an exclusive livestream performance of 7 tracks from his second album; Twilight Drives

Giving insight into the background of the tracks, performing 100% Dawless with the Roland MC-101, TR-6S and Waldorf Streichfett, and shows some of the methods under the hood for AUW’s regular live performances.

Kaarin Zoe Lee (
“A beautiful album… I recommend just hitting play on the first track and listening to the whole mood”

Leo Ulph (BBC Radio) – “Beautiful ambient house … I think that’s spectacular … some really brilliant ambient music there”

Coming from a place of electronic heartbeats, reflective sounds yet uplifting melodies, adding a comforting nostalgia around a modern core.

AUW’s second album release has a more chilled tone than before and is naturally a reflective evolution compared with previous releases. Laid back tempos, subtler breakbeats, but retaining its use of retro synthesizer sounds, and signature synthwave traits

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Performance Setlist:

1. Memory Garden (Revisited)
2. Europa Dawn
3. Archipelagos
4. Europa Dusk
5. Ticket to the Ring Road
6. Walks with Strangers (Beanpole Remix)
7. Yellow and Confidence
8. DAWLess Overview

Kit List:
* Roland MC-101 (Groovebox / Synth / Sampler)
* Roland TR-6S (Drum Machine)
* Waldorf Streichfett (Strings Synth)
* Dr Scientist Dusk (Fx)
* Dreadbox Hypnosis (Fx)
* CME WIDI Master (Wireless MIDI)
* CME WIDI Jack (Wireless MIDI)

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