EKPYROSIS is a brand new track by Belgian Darksynth outfit CHAOS VECTOR. It is the opening track of debut album ESKHATON released on April 1st 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 crisis. ESKHATON is currently available as a free download: and it is dedicated to the many followers and friends who currently find themselves in (in)voluntary quarantine due to the deadly virus sweeping through the Occident.

CHAOS VECTOR is a one-man Darksynth project hailing from the grey wastelands and derelict cityscapes of Brussels. Inspired by Cold-War aesthetics, harsh EBM-like beats and distorted synths, ESKHATON is the soundtrack to a world order in total disarray. Against the backdrop of terror attacks, black ops, fake news campaigns and a deadly virus outbreak, CHAOS VECTOR’s debut comes at a tipping point in modern history and heralds the final stage of humanity’s decline before an inevitable global collapse.

Artwork and visual conceptualization by Matic Leban:


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