Color Theory – Crystal (The New Division Remix) | RetroSynth (Synthwave / Synthpop)

RetroSynth presents Color Theory – Crystal (The New Division Remix)
#Synthwave #Synthpop #outrun

The New Division transforms one of Color Theory’s best songs into a hypnotizing, hard-hitting epic! Hear more TND at

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Video edit + Effects – Scott Forte
Artwork – Nick Ortega (PRXZM)

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What’s precious inside me
Won’t let itself be known
To come out of hiding
Is to end up alone

No I won’t break down in front of you
Oh of all the stupid things to do

I won’t let you in
I won’t cross the line
I’ve been burnt too many times
I want to believe
Want to be alive
Look into my crystal eyes
Where a shout of joy
Is waiting to be born
Is waiting to be born

You slice me right open
A dazzling crystal blade
So thin I can’t feel it
So fast I can’t evade

And you cut right to the heart of it
And it only hurt a little bit

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