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RetroSynth presents Color Theory – Dungeons

In the days of my carefree youth, I spent hundreds of hours adventuring in the virtual lands of EverQuest, a precursor to World of Warcraft. At long last, the time has finally come to tell my tale. ⚔️🐉

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©2021 Brian Hazard (ASCAP)

Absorbing damage
Is the name of the game
From the claws of monsters
Or the heat from a ball of flame
Our strength in numbers
Is a roll of the dice
Played a thousand hours
And I think that I died just once
Or maybe twice

I live in dungeons, always did
I live in dungeons, like a kid
Dungeons, caves and halls
I live in dungeons, pits and falls

I’m well-respected
As a lord of the blade
Got a dozen guildmates
Always up for a late night raid
Though I wouldn’t know them
By a name or a face
We fight like brothers
In a war with the Dark Elf race
In a dying age

I rolled a 10 in Wisdom
18 in Constitution
Fully immune to poison
But weak to Holy magic

So now you know why
I’m glued to my chair
And what you call real life
Just doesn’t compare
I bear no grudges
I live in dungeons

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