D E I T Y | Cyberpunk Darksynth Synthwave Mix |

Darksynth Synthwave Cyberpunk 2077 mix with the best beats for your enjoyment.

This channel is a place where you will find the best darksynth beats in form of compact mixes, presented in a pleasurable aesthetic package.
My ultimate goal is to create a ciber space for you to vibe, disconnect, relax and relieve your daily stress.

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00:00 Infraction – Almost Evil
04:05 Umbra – Moris Black
08:32 Blaze of Gunfire – Drifter
10:59 Vincenzo Salvia – The Pineapple Pizza Slayer
14:23 DOS Society – Brave Little Girl
16:58 Haghorror – Der Neue Kult
23:52 The Future Past – Jeremiah Kane
29:21 SNTHWVRS – Lucid Reality
33:04 Mental Minority – We Walk Alone
38:20 Mire – Bury
42:13 Oneirogeist – From Oblivion To Inception
47:56 Betta Kitten – Vertigo

Background Artist: Chun Lo

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