Electronics and Synths Cyberpunk Mix

Representing a 7 track mix from some of our best Cyberpunk collection artists in 2020. Take some time to enjoy this amazing set of futuristic electronics and synth sounds and waves, so get ready to step into another dimension artistically represented of the digital and robotic life.

00:00 FAVORIT89 – Your Ego
03:40 Xetrovoid – Killer Automata
08:09 The Neon Droid – QUADRA
12:30 Neontenic – Neon Prince
15:54 Powernerd – Destroy To Create
19:50 Ulyssio – Mass Extinction
23:51 Shadow Synth – Space Gate

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Links to actual artists…
1. https://favorit89.bandcamp.com
2. https://xetrovoid.bandcamp.com/album/wrath-2
3. https://neondroid.bandcamp.com/album/optimized-human-2020-lp
4. https://neontenic.bandcamp.com
5. https://lazerdiscs.bandcamp.com/album/destroy-to-create
6. https://ulyssio.bandcamp.com/album/mass-extinction-2
7. https://futurecityrecords.bandcamp.com/album/cyber-synth-2077-2

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