Elevate the Sky – Behind the Music w/ Scott McClure.

Elevate The Sky, a.k.a. Scott McClure is a cinematic Synthwave artist based out of Los Angeles California.
The music can be described as melodic, uplifting, synthy dreamscapes with the high energy of rock and the
hooks of pop music. Elevate The Sky has performed such venues and events as The Airliner, The Other Door,
The Britisher and the NEO-LA Synthwave Festival Outrun The Sun in Los Angeles California. Music available on
iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Bandcamp, Rhapsody, Google Play. The debut album “Alpha” is in the mixing stage and
is slated for an early summer 2019 release.

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Host: Philip Garcia @visionquestsound
Thanks to Brandon Miller, Mike G, Antone M
Special Thanks to:

Michael Oakley
Brad A. Kinanan of Dynmc
Tim Chan of The Problem of Time
Scott Mclure of Elevate the Sky
Jacob & Danielle of WindSurfer
Cascade Studios, Hollywood

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