Forever Synth on RetroSynth – Show 78 – NINA & LAU

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Forever Synth with Joe Ward & Rob Dyson
Episode 78
Air Date – June 10, 2020
Forever Synth animation by Pretty Glass Folk
Intro track “Forever Synth Intro Summer 2020” by Pretty Glass Folk
Opening and closing animations by Scott Forte
Video Edit by Scott Forte
run time: 2 hours

#Synthwave #Dreamwave #Retrowave

We’re baaack – and this time for good! Joe is holding the studio reins, while Rob remains in self-isolation but joins via Skype, and today we had an *exclusive* interview with NINA and LAU about their powerhouse of a new album Synthian, and LAU’s new solo enterprise. You don’t want to miss this one (for those paying attention, yes there was an episode 77, but it only went out live and there’s no replay… You had to be there!). New music also from Neon Arcadia and Xennon, Timeshare94, At 1980, Yoru, XYLE, Team Sweatwave, Hunter Complex, Von Kaiser, and much more in this 2 hour synthwave bonanza. It’s good to be back.

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