MOTIV – I Miss You Victoria Lynn – RetroSynth Records 2017 – Synthwave, Lethal Weapon

Artist – MOTIV
Title – I MIss You Victoria Lynn
EP – Lethal Nights
Label – RetroSynth Records
Country – USA
Style – Synthwave, Dreamwave
Year – 2017

Pre-Order now the second MOTIV EP “Lethal Nights” coming July 3rd!

I Miss You Victoria Lynn features a sample of Mel Gibson as police officer Martin Riggs from the film “Lethal Weapon” released in 1987.

Front cover model – Patsy Kensit (as Rika van den Haas) from the film “Lethal Weapon 2” released in 1989.

I MIss You Victoria Lynn is also featured on RetroSynth Records Vol. 1 – coming June 27 on limited edition CD and digital!

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