Nebula Black – Baptism | DISKONEKT / RetroSynth (Spacewave / Synthwave)

-DISKONEKT & RetroSynth Records presents Nebula Black – Baptism

Style: #Spacewave #Synthwave #Cyberpunk+

Found on Morning Star – Available Now!

Video edit – Scott Forte
Artwork – Evan Rhodes (Bird’s Eye View)

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Down by the ocean side
We couldn’t ask for more
Washing our sins away
With the waters of the shore

Hand in hand we stand as one
While the moonlight hits the crests
With each wave we give ourselves
As the waters hit our chests

On this day we start anew
As the waters claim our souls
Taken away by the undertow
We’ve given up control

In these waters we will find our peace
Invisible to the world
On this night we meld as one
Into the void we are hurled

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