NEON GENESIS | Darksynth | Cyberpunk | Dark Electro Mix

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00:00 Dawnrazer-Death or Glory
04:50 Black Hole- Hubrid
07:42 Intruder (feat. TimeStalker)
12:04 Icarus 2
16:09 Roborg- Hated
22:07 On the Track to Jupiter
26:50 Chaos Vector- Hellhound
31:39 Mecha
36:00 Horrow Show
39:51 Masked-Gun N’ Knife
45:19 Bionic Chase
49:29 Grimlin-Legion(Hubrid Remix)

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The dark synth, also sometimes expressed as darkwave, is a musical genre that began in the late 1970s coinciding with the moment of popularity and influenced by new wave and post-punk. Built on these stylistic props, 1 the dark wave also added dark and introspective lyrics along with an undertone of lament in the sound of some groups. In the 1980s, a whole subculture developed in parallel with the dark wave. The members of this called themselves wavers or dark wavers. The post-punk groups that inspired goth rock gave the movement initial impetus. As a result, the darksynth is related to the Gothic subculture.

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