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It’s Episode 88 of Artist Interviews NEUTRON DREAMS! In this Episode Jak Syn sits with Artist/Musician/Producer Dan Eachus of the Synthwave Duo Neutron Dreams & discusses his musical journey, crafting the universal synthy sound of ND with his partner Christopher J Payne, he shares some fav moments, a neat story about Timecop 1983, the duo’s drive to create, building the sound of the future together, they have a few laughs, talk the synthwave scene and its awesome fans, whats coming next & his positive message to the world.
Enjoy “Halloween Dreams H20” out now on RetroSynth Records & all major music platforms.
Interviewed & Edited by Jak Syn of & Future Daze on Zoom Meetings.
This is Ep.88 in our artist interview collection, brought to you by and Future Daze.
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