Primo & Ace Buchannon – Secret | RetroSynth (Synthpop / Ladies of Synth)

RetroSynth presents Primo & Ace Buchannon – Secret

Style: #Synthpop #VocalSynthwave #LadiesofSynth

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Video edit – Scott Forte
Artwork – Antoine Collignon (Resonance)

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In the dark, looking for a place to hide you
When I want to run back in the shadows and find you
Tell me I’m wrong
Tell me I’ve gone crazy
Or tell me to stay
Tell me you like it this way

A secret, baby

I have tried denying that I feel the attraction
All the while, basking in my hidden obsession
Tell me to stop
Tell me I’m not thinking
Or tell me your sins
Tell me you’ve got to have me

In secret, baby

But I don’t want to be a secret, no

I’m over my head
Hearts want what they want
And then it’s too late
When I took the step
Was I moved by lust
Was I moved by fate
The truth has a way of finding the light
Or changing in time
Did I fall in love
Did I make it up inside my mind

(rad Ace solo)

I’ve got a secret, and I’m gonna keep it, babe
Tell me you want it, tell me you need it, tell me to stay
Watching us fading I don’t regret a single thing
But loving you and locking it away

I didn’t think I’d love you and have to lock it all away
In secret, baby

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