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RetroSynth presents Primo – My Delorean (feat. Timecop1983)
Style: #Synthpop #VocalSynthwave #LadiesofSynth

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Artwork – David Legnon (A Fuschian Trajectory)

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Maybe I could change things
Out wandering in the past
Or outrun all my demons
If I get in gear and hit the gas
Or perhaps I’ll spin the wheel
Cut myself a deal
Somewhere between salvation and sin
But for today I’m gonna drive
Content I’m still alive
And let go in the wind
I’m gonna get in, get in

My Delorean

Time is just a highway
And I’m just taking a detour
No physics can control me
When Im all revved up and ready to go
This century is a bore
I’m looking for a little bit more
I want the universe to bend
Listen, and you’ll hear my engine hum
She’s ready for a run
I wont deny her that
No car can do what mine can


You say it’s just a car, and that it aint got no meaning
But this car, right here, this car is freedom

I’ve got to make a getaway
My Delorean
There’s nothing here to make me stay
My Delorean
It’s a hell of a trip, riding in my Delorean

Lyrics and Melody by Primo the Alien


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