Rayne Reznor – The Heartless (feat. Samtar) | RetroSynth (Cyberpunk / Vocal Synthwave)

RetroSynth Records presents Rayne Reznor – The Heartless (feat. Samtar)

#Cyberpunk #VocalSynthwave #RetroSynth

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Artwork – Lou LL (Through Black Rainbow)

Video Edit – Scott Forte
Opening animation – Advection Stride (Mainframe)
Closing animation – Scott Forte

This track was a collaboration with my good friend Samtar. It was a lot of fun to work on, and we really hope you enjoy it.

Samtar is a Dark Electro Rock artist, and his voice is out of this world. Please do check out his other work, you won’t be disappointed:

Facebook: facebook.com/samtar2/

Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/0hkpwpjYE8NDNn0j829A8d?si=xWRs3NECRbuogmiZaZiEsg

Instagram: instagram.com/samtarofficial

This track is free for you to listen to and download, and please feel free to use it in your video productions or online streams, as long as credit is given to both me, and Samtar.

Thank you very much for your support, and stay safe!

released June 18, 2020

Music: Rayne Reznor
Lyrics: Rayne Reznor and Samtar
Vocals: Samtar

Mixed, mastered, and produced by Rayne Reznor

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