RetroSynth Horror Volume 3

After 3 years, RetroSynth Records is proud to release the next volume in the RetroSynth Horror series! Unlike the previous 2 installments, this one features only artists from the RetroSynth Records family, including tracks from our new sublabel DISKONEKT!

Big thank you to everyone in the RetroSynth fam at RSR, DISKONEKT, and Synthetix! Special shout out to Rust Cult, Rayne Reznor and the Vulkari64 fellas, you guys are the pioneers of Maine Synthwave! We are just getting started!

Big thanks always to Dan Eachus for his hard work at RetroSynth Records, Johnny Ladino for cranking out videos and social media posts, Alan Salomo for his mind blowing graphics and animations, and to my amazing wife Jessica who has provided artwork and social media posts for our artists.

-Scott Forte (10/22/21)


released October 22, 2021

Tracks 1, 4, & 12 are previously unreleased and exclusive to this compilation

Compiled by Scott Forte (October 2021)
<iframe style=”border: 0; width: 350px; height: 470px;” src=”” seamless><a href=”″>RetroSynth Horror Volume 3 by 34 Track Compilation</a></iframe>
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