Retrosynth Presents – Death by Synth Volume 2 / Darkwave / Synthwave / Horrorwave/ Halloween music

New release from RetroSynth Music!!!! Perfect soundtrack for HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!

It is time again to bring out the creepy crawly, to embrace the dark side of synthwave, to let the the chilling music consume you. DEATH BY SYNTH Volume 2 is here! Support your favorite artists and get this compilation, as all proceeds go directly to the artists involved.

Featuring these artists and their tracks!
AUW – Miscalculations
Beckett – Invisible
Chris Keya – Blood Stains
Dream Invaders – Sunset Drive Massacre
Eric C. Powell – Silence (Halloween Edition)
MenaK – Plague
Nebula Black – Nexus
Neutron Dreams – MusicBox of Madness 2022 Remastered
Rayne Reznor – Hurtz II
SIXMIXSIX-The Preacher
Vectron – NetRunner
Victor Roy – Wuk – Thanyonka
Wolftron – Aftermath


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