RetroSynth Records – New Album Releases Jan ’22 Promo (Synthwave / Dreamwave / Spacewave)

New Album Releases from RetroSynth Records / DISKONEKT / Synthetix

now available at Bandcamp:

LA Nights – Everydays Vol. 1


Nebula Black – Morning Star

Geovarius – Reminiscence

The TCR – Valley Of The Droids

Matt Cannon – Nightwalker

AUW – Across The Plains

coming January 26 – RetroSynth Records & Abora Recordings present Live Wire On The Sunset Strip feat. Waves_On_Waves, Timecop1983, Niky Nine, Thomas Barrandon, Arwelone, Silverhawk, Marvel ’83, Mike Haunted, Solar Burst, EarMake, VileMoral, and Luke Million.

Pre-Order here:

video edit – Scott Forte

Music in this promo video:

LA Nights – The Midnight Sun
SIXMIXSIX – Third Eye (feat. Alen Ljubic)
Nebula Black – I’ve Been Waiting For You (feat. Oceanside85)
Geovarius – Eternal
The TCR – Inifitas
Matt Cannon – Nightwalker End Theme
AUW – M13
Timecop1983 & Waves_On_Waves – LA Late At Night

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