SHIKIMO – Apollo 02 | A Synthwave Mix

♫ Mix 02 of my “Apollo” mix series.


#synthwave #retrowave #mix

00:00 Forhill – Sinking
02:27 Heifehen – Distant Worlds
06:37 Turbo Knight – The Prophecy
11:36 SHIKIMO – Into Oblivion
15:05 Dynatron – Out There
17:26 Turbo Knight/Sunesis – House Harkonnen
21:57 Knight Sabers – Mega Tokyo
25:53 Don/Arctic Mega Defender – Neural Net

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If any artist or label has a problem with their track being a part of this mix, please email me at to resolve the issue.

I do not claim to own any of the songs used aside from “Into Oblivion.” All fonts are 100% free to use. Artwork edited by SHIKIMO. Video edited by SHIKIMO.

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