Synthetix Presents – New Label Artist – A.U.W. – RetroSynth Records

RetroSynth Records / Synthetix is very proud to announce a new artist to our lineup, and part of the RetroSynth / Synthetix Family – A.U.W.!

His new album Coast Run Panorama, will be released August 21st, 2021, with Pre-order available RIGHT NOW!

Support and Pre-Order from A.U.W. now!


Synthetix is a sub label of RetroSynth Records:

About A.U.W.:
Synthwave and chillwave unashamedly influenced by the soundtracks of decades of dystopian future visions and the inevitable takeover by our machine overlords.

AUW swings through breakbeat, trance, tech-house, arriving with full synthwave mode enabled.

It is the electronic music project of Dom Cresswell; pushing strong melodic and harmonic content out of lush synthesizer hardware

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