The Beat On The Street: Episode 10 – Pop Art Ave – Synthwave

Watch some of the best music videos in the many genres of music from synthwave to pop, cyberpunk, rock and much more. Episode 10 of the Beat On The Street features an interview with Natalie Miranda.

This show is supported by Retro Reverb Records.
Produced, edited and hosted by Michael Anthony.

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Pop Art Ave…

Pop Art Ave Merch:…

Time Stamp and Musician Links

0:53 Brune ‘Tides’…

4:42 James Burt ”Leave So Soon’…

8:32 Retro Reverb Records May Promo

9:24 Eric C & Andrea Powell ‘The Bedside Table’…

14:07 Circuit3 ‘Future Radio’…

18:24 Aztec Records May Promo

21:43 Electronic Ghost Machine Cameo

22:30 Midnight Void ‘Night Glimmers’…

26:53 Merlin ‘Recipe’

29:08 Kiki Tones Promo

30:01 Le Groupe Fantastique ‘Deathbed Confessions’

34:17 Nathalie Miranda Promo

35:18 Nathalie Miranda Interview

47:14 Nathalie Miranda ‘Battle Scars’
Video made by Michael Anthony – Pop Art Ave

Nathalie Miranda
Stage It:

Background music in video made by eLxAr

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