The Beat On The Street: Episode 6 – Pop Art Ave – Synthwave

Watch some of the best music videos in the many genres of electronic music from synthwave to electro pop, retrowave, cyberpunk, dark synth and much more. Episode 6 of the Beat On The Street features a weekly artist interview.

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Time stamp:
0:54 seconds: Maria Die Ruhe
4:57 Silver Hawk
9:58 She’s Got Claws
14:30 PurZynth Rekords
18:14 Reverb Record Records
19:00 Heidrunna
22:38 James Burt
26:20 Aztec Records
28:26 Blake Carpenter
35:24 Heartbeathero

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Maria Die Ruhe ‘Superrare’…

Silverhawk ‘Street Dance’…

She’s Got Claws ‘Adulation’…

Valoramous & The Safety Word ‘Amnesia’…

New April releases by Retro Reverb Records at

Heidrunna ‘DayDreamer’…

James Burt ‘Sing That Song’……

New April releases by Aztec Records at

Blake Carpenter ‘Social Disease’


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