The Beat On The Street: Episode 8 – Pop Art Ave – Synthwave

Watch some of the best music videos in the many genres of electronic music from synthwave to electro pop, retrowave, cyberpunk, dark synth and much more. Episode 8 of the Beat On The Street features an interview with Eva X. Please make sure to subscribe so we can keep bringing you the latest Synthwave and electronic music videos and content 🙂 Show Supported by RetroReverbRecords.

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Time Stamp and Musician Links :
Kaiyra – Overnight 0:50
Liquid Modern – Let’s Go Run 4:23
Parabola West – Hannah 10:04
Tryad – Feeling Home 13:23
Welcome Citizen Promo 16:54
LAU Promo 17:10
Paris Music Corp — Light Speed 20:07
Waves On Waves & Thomas Barrandon – A Lifetime 23:11
James Peden Promo 28:31
Retro Reverb Records Promo 30:31
Josie Pace – Underestimated 31:32
Arteeva – Gotta Play Your Cards Right 36:04
Echo Vector X – Metallic Heart 39:03
Eva X – Interview 43:04
Eva X – Body Talk 53:54

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