by AUW (feat. elevendotone)

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The Window Show

by AUW (feat. elevendotone)

The Window Show (Radio Edit) 00:00 / 04:12
1.The Window Show (Radio Edit) 04:12
2.The Window Show (ROM88 Remix)
3.The Window Show (SebbySebSeb Remix)
4.The Window Show (Focuszero Remix)
5.The Window Show (Sighlok Remix)


A story of Ballardian isolation told from the confinement of high rises living. Whilst through windowed glass we may peer on the lives of others, projecting a narrative of our own creation, more often it is the reflection upon ourselves that tells the truer tragedy.

The first AUW release to feature the vocal tone and lyrical expressions of elevendotone. Darker, slower in style but packing all of AUW’s usual retrosynth punch. The single-version features a radio edit plus four unique remixes.

ROM88’s remix is a smooth, chill synthwave affair; evocative and emotive from start to end.

The SebbySebSeb Remix takes a new turn; a techno track at heart with its roots placed firmly amongst the 1990’s classics, whilst retaining everything desired of modern tech-house.

FocusZero’s Remix is a relentless reinvention – deep, dark, dubstep, with slapping beats, screeching synths and no-holds-barred euphoria.

Sighlok’s Remix strips back the whole track with his trademark lofi and chill vibes – sweet sounds, and poignant in its vocal manipulation.

Remix mixes will release on the following dates;

Monday, 17 January 2022 – ROM88 Remix
Monday, 17 January 2022 – SebbySebSeb Remix
Friday, 21 January 2022 – FocusZero Remix
Friday, 21 January 2022 – Sighlok Remix


releases January 14, 2022

The Window Show produced and mixed by Dom Cresswell (AUW)
Vocals written and performed by Sebastian Durkin (elevendotone)

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Release artwork by Marlon Audiot




Dom Cresswell special thanks to Hayley, Ad, Gid, James A, Dan, CJ, Usher and Stew H for all the support and feedback.

Production ©2021 AUWmusic – AUW006

Released under RetroSynth Records / Synthetix ©2022


all rights reserved

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The Window Show

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