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RetroSynth Records Presents – The RetroSynth Archives, oldies but goodies that are being dug up, dusted off, and brought back to life.

Wolf and Raven:
Artist – Wolf and Raven
Title – On The Run
MP3 Album – Renegades
Label – Wolf and Raven Self-Released
Country – USA
Year – 2016
Style – Synthwave, Outrun, Synth Rock
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written and produced by Chris Greninger and Anthony Greninger

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Tokyo Rider:
Artist – Tokyo RIder
Title – Last Man Standing
MP3 Album – Omegashima
Label – Tokyo Rider Self-Released
Country – Japan
Year – 2016
Style – Synthwave, Outrun
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Takahashi Jones:
Artist – Takahashi Jones
Title – Frost Man
MP3 Album – Mega Man: Robot Masters Resynthesized
Label – New Horizons Records
Country – USA
Year – 2016
Style – Synthwave, Chiptune
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