RetroSynth Presents – HIGH SPEED CHASE – A Spotify Playlist

RetroSynth Presents HIGH SPEED CHASE! Now on Spotify!

The most comprehensive Synthwave playlist for those who like it fast and intense!

From some of the earliest Outrun classics to today’s Darksynth, Spacewave and Shredwave bangers, it’s all here, over 1000 tracks of the fastest Synthwave tracks on the planet!

Perfect for driving 100+ on the highway in your new Ferrari as the cops try to chase you down, or for cruising at light speed in the far reaches of the galaxy, there’s something here for everyone who has the need for Synthwave speed!

Curated by Scott Forte – updated weekly!

#Outrun #Shredwave #Darksynth

Music – Jeremiah Kane – Street Warriors (feat. Favorit89)

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