“The Vision,” is a testament to the Techno evolution in the world of electronic music.

Album Review: “The Vision,” is a testament to the Techno evolution in the world of electronic music.
Written By: Dan Eachus

Clif Jack’s two-song EP, “The Vision,” is a testament to the artist’s evolution in the world of electronic music. With a rich history as a DJ and a reputation that precedes him, Clif Jack has consistently pushed the boundaries of his sound, and this EP is a reflection of his journey and commitment to the Techno genre.

“The Vision,” the title track of the EP, opens with a classic Techno vibe, immediately immersing the listener in a world of melodic and hypnotic electronic music. Clif Jack’s ability to build anticipation is evident from the very beginning, as the ethereal break sets the stage for what’s to come. As the song progresses, it becomes clear that it’s designed to keep the audience motivated and engaged. The drum and bassline are expertly crafted, cutting through the mix with precision, and the result is a track that hits you at your core. The energy is relentless, and the track manages to maintain its momentum throughout, making it a solid example of a classic Techno piece.

The second song, “Different Perspective,” takes the EP in a slightly different direction, showcasing Clif Jack’s versatility and willingness to experiment within the genre. The kick drum in this track is even more prominent, driving the rhythm with an infectious intensity. What sets this track apart are the haunting and glitched human vocals that are interwoven throughout. They add a unique layer of complexity to the composition, creating an otherworldly atmosphere. Clif Jack’s use of vocals as an instrument in the track is a commendable choice, giving “Different Perspective” a distinctive character that sets it apart from the typical Techno offerings.

Both songs on “The Vision” EP exemplify what Techno should be – a genre known for its ability to transport the listener to a euphoric state of mind. Clif Jack’s mastery of the genre is evident in his ability to create tracks that not only adhere to its traditional elements but also introduce fresh and innovative elements. It’s clear that he draws from his extensive experience as a DJ and producer, and his commitment to Techno shines through in the quality of the production.

Clif Jack’s motto, “THINK, BELIEVE, DREAM, RAVE,” seems to encapsulate the essence of “The Vision” EP. It invites the listener to think about the journey of electronic music, believe in its transformative power, dream of the possibilities within the genre, and ultimately, rave to the beats that Clif Jack has skillfully crafted. This EP is a testament to an artist who not only has a rich history but also a promising future in the world of Techno music.

In conclusion, “The Vision” by Clif Jack is a remarkable EP that pays homage to the roots of Techno while also pushing the boundaries of the genre. With its classic Techno elements, relentless energy, and innovative vocal usage, this release is a testament to the artist’s journey and commitment to the world of electronic music. Clif Jack continues to inspire and elevate the Techno music world, and “The Vision” is a shining example of his artistry.

Dan Eachus is the President and co-owner of RetroSynth Lazersteel Records, with his own musical projects in the band Neutron Dreams and his solo project DMME.

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