“A new look at at vintage synthesizer design. Wavelady utilizes a subtractive

architecture that is both easy to use and stunning to look at. A synth that is

designed with a keyboardist in mind so the user can focus on playing more than fine tuning and organizing parameters for hours.”

“Even though Wavelady has had great attention to detail in looks, she does not slack on sound quality and functionality. With a total of 4 oscillators possible to play at once, Wavelady uses 16 voices with a max of 3 voices per note allowing fat analog sounds and also being easy on the cpu at the same time.”

“The built in effects are part of the Reaktor building blocks architecture ranging rom Reaktor 3 to Reaktor 6. The Microspace reverb adds a gorgeous hall or room reverb to the final mix. There are even enough individual delays for the user to make a reverb with delay.

Wavelady, the new NI instrument from Goremall made for Synthwave

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