Album Review: “Jersey” by Matthew Mirliani

Album Review: “Jersey” by Matthew Mirliani

Written By: Dan Eachus

Matthew Mirliani’s EP, “Jersey,” is a stunning showcase of his talent as an independent singer-songwriter and a testament to his family’s musical heritage. The synth-pop tracks take listeners on a deeply introspective journey, delving into the complexities of post-collegiate life, mental health, suburban nostalgia, and the anxieties of growing up. Drawing inspiration from his experiences in the Garden State, Mirliani’s music weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of emotions that captivate from start to finish.

As the son of Jerry Mirliani, known for his contributions to the 1969 cult classic jazz album “Glass Flowers” by Elysian Spring, and the grandson of the late Frederick “Doc” Mirliani, a celebrated music professor, Matthew Mirliani has clearly inherited a rich musical heritage. However, he proves his own unique prowess on “Jersey,” creating a distinctive sound that combines the best elements of synth-pop, ambient, and indie pop.

The EP opens with an atmospheric intro, immediately immersing the audience in Mirliani’s world. It sets the stage for the journey ahead, as the tracks that follow unfold like chapters in a deeply personal story. The opening track is a smooth introduction to Mirliani’s synth-driven sound, marked by dreamy melodies and ethereal vocals. From there, the EP delves deeper into themes of self-discovery, navigating life’s challenges, and the search for meaning.

One of the standout tracks, driven by Mirliani’s heartfelt lyrics and soulful delivery, delves into the struggles of mental health. The raw emotion in his voice resonates powerfully, making this a poignant moment on the EP. Another highlight explores suburban nostalgia, capturing the bittersweet reminiscence of simpler times and the passage of youth.

The instrumentation on “Jersey” is a masterful fusion of classic synth sounds and the artistic capabilities of the artist. Mirliani’s production skills shine through as he crafts each track with meticulous attention to detail, layering sounds to create a rich sonic landscape that complements the emotional depth of his lyrics.

Throughout the EP, Mirliani’s songwriting shines with honesty and vulnerability. His ability to craft evocative imagery through his lyrics is remarkable, allowing listeners to connect deeply with the themes and emotions he explores. Each track tells a unique story, yet they seamlessly blend together to form a cohesive narrative.

“Jersey” is an EP that demands repeated listens. The more you immerse yourself in the music, the more it reveals its intricacies and hidden nuances. Matthew Mirliani has created a body of work that not only showcases his musical talents but also invites listeners to reflect on their own experiences of growing up and grappling with life’s uncertainties.

In conclusion, “Jersey” by Matthew Mirliani is an impressive EP that solidifies his place as a rising star in the indie music scene. With his emotive vocals, masterful production, and poignant songwriting, Mirliani has crafted an EP that leaves a lasting impression. As he continues to explore the depths of his artistry, we can expect even more mesmerizing and introspective music from this talented singer-songwriter in the future.

Dan Eachus is the President and owner of RetroSynth Lazersteel Records, with his own musical projects in the band Neutron Dreams and his solo project DMME.

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